Creative and mobile is the new and free of charge ALUCOBOND® design App for iPad.
The new ALUCOBOND® App supports your façade design by facilitating individual architecture and design freedom.
It simulates the effect of the new surface generation ALUCOBOND® design onto a building’s envelope. Thus textured granite, carbon, abstract patterns as well as colour gradients and many more can be visualized on the façade which gives a first impression to architects, owners and investors.
The actual range of decors shows the possibilities and diversity of design and inspires to formulate own ideas for the façade layout with aluminium composite panels. The specialty of ALUCOBOND® design: create your individual decor and we bring it onto the façade for you.
In addition to the building simulator, the App can put the spotlight on interesting construction details of different types of buildings.

With the new ALUCOBOND® design App playful creativity can be lived in a mobile way.

The App for iPad is available in English and German.

Download the App now at the iTunes Store!

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