ALUCOBOND in "Wohnungswirtschaft heute"

The house at Wundtstraße 7 in Dresden belongs to a complex of six residential buildings, each with fifteen storeys, that was built at the beginning of the 1970s in prefabricated concrete-slab construction. For enabling continued use of the building, a general renovation and modernisation was necessary. This was carried out at house number 7 in 2008 and 2009. The facade was clad in ALUCOBOND® in two different, silver-metallic colours. By keeping to the previous window sizes and layout, a punctuated façade with a three-dimensional effect is created by the colour contrast and the geometric assembly of the composite panels, together with the differentiated, offset arrangement of the window frames. The structural effect of light and shadow is accentuated by emphasizing the window frames on the one hand, and by the depth offset between the outer cladding and inner window plane on the other. When walking or driving past, the outer shell of the building presents a continuously changing image. Depending on the viewing angle and the sun’s position, the geometric forms of the window frames that are partly surrounded in bright red, appear in varying degrees of intensity on the individual facade surfaces.


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