ALUCOBOND® naturAL at the BAU 2011 integrated into the new ALUCOBOND® design concept:

The idea behind the completely new design concept was to invite visitors into ALUCOBOND® City. The city’s architecture is based on the famous Kranhaus buildings in Cologne designed by the Hamburg architect’s office Bothe, Richter, Teherani. The overall booth image is a composition of various spatial shapes, colors of light as well as surfaces. These almost elementary architectural reference points create an abstract and at the same time a familiar urban scenario embedding the products on display in a very natural way.

The towers were realized with the two new surfaces ALUCOBOND® naturAL sparkling and reflect. They were accentuated with a digitally printed pattern that reflects the façade of Rockefeller Center in New York. Due to this architecturally timeless pattern the urban touch of the concept is further emphasized.
At each tower in ALUCOBOND® City, the manifold forms of application for ALUCOBOND® were presented, both by showing its surface variety as well as the different fixing systems.

The design is part of the new ALUCOBOND® brand image which distinguishes itself through style and emotion. ALUCOBOND® has pointed the way for more than four decades. The visual identity of the brand has altered throughout the years to reflect the zeitgeist. With “ALUCOBOND® Next Generation” the brand image comes closer to the artistic world. Its appearance is timeless, vintage and at the same time modern thus supporting the genetic code, the success of ALUCOBOND®.

Project Data:
Design Concept: Stadtbildplanung GmbH - Andreas Hanke Architekt
Detail Planning and Booth construction: Display International GmbH
Photos taken by: Olaf Schiemann
Material: ALUCOBOND® naturAL (reflect, sparkling, brushed), ALUCOBOND spectra®, ALUCOBOND® anodized look, ALUCOBOND® standard colours 

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Inside ALUCOBOND® City – a perfect match of spatial shapes, colours of light and surfaces.