ALUCOBOND® - 40 years of excellence

The World Leader in Aluminium Composite Materials

Originating from an ingenious, patented product idea, this unique success story of the ALUCOBOND® began when the product was launched on the market in 1969.

Originally used for upgrading shop buildings, transport applications and furniture construction, architects and designers then discovered the host of advantages of ALUCOBOND® for the use in exterior architectural applications and corporate identity programs, particularly in facades, wall cladding and roof edging.

The past 40 years in the history of ALUCOBOND® were marked by an intensive geographical expansion. Only a few years after launching this innovative material on the market in Germany and Switzerland, further architectural projects throughout Europe quickly began utilising it. Projects in the USA, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Asia quickly followed suit. Due to establishing the brand successfully world-wide, ALUCOBOND® is well-known today among the top architects and designers throughout the world for its excellent quality, longstanding experience and consistent further development.

Wherever new living and working areas are created throughout the world; whenever architects, planners and builders sit together at one table, the focus is on ALUCOBOND®. Precision and punctuality in the planning and realisation of projects are decisive factors, and for this reason Alcan Composites banks on customer service, an application-specific consulting team and its many years of experience.

The enormous success of ALUCOBOND® is based on its excellent product qualities such as exceptional top-grade flatness and rigidity, low weight, excellent formability, weather resistance, simple fabrication and ease of cleaning. In addition, a large choice of colours and a wide variety of designs offer architects and designers unlimited scope for creative, innovative and customised planning.

ALUCOBOND® is available in a large range of formats including a flame-resistant or non-combustible core. Due to its simple processing techniques and fire retardant core options, the possibilities for implementing ALUCOBOND® for interior and exterior applications are extremely varied. It is used in projects ranging from the precise construction of residential buildings, representative public buildings, company headquarters, commercial and industrial buildings, to the prestigious landmarks of modern urban construction. Since all ALUCOBOND® products are fully recyclable, they are ideal for projects attaching great importance to eco-friendly materials.

Whether for exterior applications such as large-scale façades, roofs, pylons and attics, or for interior construction such as wall cladding, columns and partial applications, the modern architect uses ALUCOBOND®. Numerous international prizes in architecture and the 130 million m² or more panels sold speak for themselves.

Markus Gross, President Architecture at Alcan Composites, knows exactly why the ALUCOBOND® brand is so successful: "Over all these years, Alcan Composites has managed to combine a creative visual effect with the highest technological demands in an optimum way. With innovative developments we have constantly extended our range of differing types of core, as well as the colour range and panel surface varieties and are thus always state-of-the-art. We also want to direct our focus on development and innovations in the future to a greater extent than ever before."

A large selection for creative diversity

The creative visions of successful architects and designers are requiring flexible and innovative construction materials more than ever before. The buildings of the future are not only going to suffice the highest structural demands; they will also have to comply with the technical requirements of the future, e.g. environmental pollution, energy efficiency, protection against noise, fire, and many other factors. Alcan Composites became aware of these demands at a very early stage and with respect to new trends in design; it has recently launched three new panel surface series on the market: ALUCOBOND® spectra colours, ALUCOBOND® naturAL and ALUCOBOND® Wood Design.

ALUCOBOND® spectra colours

In cooperation with the world‘'s leading producers of paints and pigments, new panel surfaces were developed in 2007 under the name ALUCOBOND® spectra colours. The iridescent colours that appear in nature served as a model for the development of ALUCOBOND® spectra colours. Depending upon the pigment type and viewing angle, different wavelengths of light are reflected back to the viewer, resulting in an ever-changing colour gradient with iridescent highlights.

The nine colours that make up ALUCOBOND® spectra colours are derived from various natural aspects of a raw nature such as; oceans, forests, raw metals, minerals and sunsets. Naturally the names of the colours reflect their origin and include the following: Ocean, Amazon, Autumn, Antique, Red Brass, Cupral, Sakura, Jewel and Sunset.



The natural beauty of metal in architecture is shown off to its best advantage by the panel surface series, ALUCOBOND® naturAL, developed in 2007.

The ALUCOBOND® naturAL series includes three characteristic aluminium surfaces: naturAL Brushed, naturAL Line and naturAL Sparkling.

When seen from up close, ALUCOBOND® naturAL is extremely fascinating due to its fine surface structures. From a distance, the interplay between metallic gloss and the reflection and absorption of sunlight is most impressive. Combinations of differing surface structures create highly unusual products with a diverse range of attractive effects – depending on how the light shines on them.

ALUCOBOND® Wood Design

The ALUCOBOND® Wood Design series is new on the market. A desire for high-tech modern materials has captured our attention in this current digital age for more than a decade; however the trend towards natural looks is now continually increasing. The insistence on using customised, special material to convey current trends is as prevalent as ever, and with ALUCOBOND® Wood Design, Alcan Composites has adapted towards this trend providing an understated yet elegant product line. With this series, the world market leader in aluminium composite panels has managed to combine creative visual effects and the highest technological demands in an optimum way. In comparison with real wood, there is absolutely no discoloration, no weathering and no deformities with ALUCOBOND®. The material is resistant to moisture and insect infestation and meets the highest requirements for protection against fire. It retains its colour and does not have to be recoated at any time.

The ALUCOBOND® Wood Design series includes five realistic wood imitations. Besides the two light surfaces, Manitoba and Elegant Oak, Alcan Composites meets the wishes of architects and designers for dark, exotic wood imitations in a subtle way with its Royal Cedar, Redwood and Dark Zebrano.

For Alcan Composites the future with the new surfaces has already begun and Markus Gross is quite certain that ALUCOBOND® will be continuing its successful path and setting further market trends with new products and solutions, fully complying with the future needs in design and architecture.

Alcan Composites will be playing a leading role in architecture in the future and continue to be an excellent partner due to its many years of experience, innovative developments and first-class service.

Extensive information on ALUCOBOND® can be found at In addition, you can also request data sheets, product samples and colour charts directly from the manufacturer – Alcan Composites, and make an appointment.


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