Trendy and timeless the new design is attrative to  architects and building owners.
The diversity of architectural possibilities in design and processing being the reason of the successful history of ALUCOBOND® combined with ongoing product innovation stand for: „Everything is possible, just build it:

The success story of a material
More than 40 years ago, we had the vision of creating a material that allowed for a combination of maximum design freedom, extremely simple processing, high durability and affordable cost.
An ambitious and at that time very progressive challenge, demanding a great deal of all divisions of the company: engineers, technicians and product developers. We took up the challenge in creating the aluminium sandwich material ALUCOBOND®.
The aluminium sandwich material has set trends in architecture worldwide.

Architectural creativity, individual style and unique  ideas with regard to form and colour can be easily realized with the large product range of ALUCOBOND®. The material is extremely durable and can be mounted onto the existing sub-structures using simple processing and installation techniques. Existing structures are transformed into attractive buildings. Due to the array of possibilities for processing and assembling ALUCOBOND®, new buildings take on lasting architectural quality, which complies to today‘s demands for sustainability.

Originating from an ingenious, patented product idea, this unique success story of ALUCOBOND® began when the product was launched on the market in 1969. ALUCOBOND® is well-known today among the top architects and designers throughout the world for its excellent quality, longstanding experience and consistent further development.

The enormous success of ALUCOBOND® is based on its excellent product qualities such as exceptional top-grade flatness and rigidity, low weight, excellent formability, weather resistance, simple fabrication and ease of cleaning. In addition, a large choice of colours and a wide variety of designs offer architects and designers unlimited scope for creative, innovative and customised planning.
ALUCOBOND® products are fully recyclable and are available in a large range of formats including a flame-resistant or noncombustible core. Due to its simple processing techniques and fire retardant core options, the possibilities for implementing ALUCOBOND® for interior and exterior applications are extremely varied. It is used in projects ranging from the precise construction of residential buildings, representative public buildings, company headquarters, commercial and industrial buildings, to the prestigious landmarks of modern urban construction.

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