On Monday, 13th February, the final presentations by the Department of Emerging Technologies took place at the Vorhoelzer forum at the Technical University of Munich, Faculty for Architecture. In addition to the work of Visiting Professor Christian Derix’s Master Design Class, the projects “VIP Lounge at Munich Airport”, "the swarm" and “SOLAR BOAT” were on display.
Participants were invited to a drinks reception and given the opportunity to see the exhibition after the lecture.


The new Visiting Professorship „Emerging Technologies“gives an engineering-oriented view onto the whole process of architecture.
The focus of the teaching is to produce architectural projects that demonstrate the latest and most revolutionary heights of structural and material developments and can be seen as an interface between architecture and industrial design. The field ranges from parametric design to the building of 1:1 prototypes in the context of digital production processes. 


the swarm - a parametric pavilion


The swarm is a crossing between a parametric design system and an architectural tectonic logic. With the natural phenomena of the birds as inspiration, the Swarm pavilion flies in and barely touches the ground before it takes off again. It plays with the visual variation of low and high density, light and shadow, transparency, and direction and dynamic. The Swarm is entirely parametric designed, and can be completely mass customized and CNC-prefabricated, ready to assemble.

Präsident der Bayerischen  Architektenkammer I Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Heese
VOF der Bayerischen Architektenkammer I Stadtplaner Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Voitl
Prof. Richard Horden | Ls Architecture and Product Design TUM
Prof. Amandus Sattler I Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten München
Arno Walz I parametrischen Planen und digitales Entwerfen
3A Composites GmbH I Dipl.-Ing. Marija Tokic 

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