Roofing Solution of the renovation of the University of Fine Arts in Dresden receives the „ALUMINIUM IN RENOVATION AWARD 2009“ (Kopie 1)

The University of Fine arts dates back to the school of drawing and painting founded in 1680. During World War II the building suffered strong damages which were only provisionally renovated.
This unsatisfactory state persisted until the beginning of the overall renovation in June 2006. The renovation, planned and realised by CODE UNIQUE architects, Dresden enabled the revival of the complex which has become the home of the University of fine arts.

Harmonious and efficient master plan
The precise objective and basic approach of the design aimed to improve the pattern of use by considering the given structures, the exposition of the building’s origin, the realignment of entries and the creation of definite floor plans by executing a complete overhaul of the building fabric. The creative elements - room area, installed equipment and roof were carried out with few, discrete materials in an unobtrusive and timeless design.

The former simple wooden purlin roofs had been erected in the 1950s to eliminate damages of World War II with a pitch of approx. 30°. Compared to the previous elaborate curb roofs, depicting a prosecution of the vertical axis, the slightly sloping roofs had formed an unproportional and unsatisfying finish of the façade.
The new double pitch roof covered with ALUCOBOND® aluminium composite panels finishes with a pronounced horizontal seam towards the façade. The upper closing of the façade is extended optically and thus creates a transition between the façade and the roof. Seen from the bottom perspective the roofing edge is clearly accentuated by maintaining a harmonic distance to the building.

The roof made of ALUCOBOND® aluminium composite panels has a seam between the separate covering rows. The width of the rows with a maximized width of 1.20 m achieves a calmer outlook.
The arrangement of the composite aluminium panels as an optical roof covering gives the metallic covering skin a smooth appearance that creates an exciting relationship between the historical building substance and the technically modern roof design thus connecting the individual wings of the whole complex.
The exceptional construction of the roof with ALUCOBOND® allows for an ideal ventilation of the roof truss, improving the thermal insulation of the rooms underneath during summer and thus reducing the environmental impact.

In addition arresters to protect against lightning are not necessary, as the riveted aluminium composite panels on the sub-structure and the revolving blading frame inheretently integrate this function into the building. .

Award for innovative, elaborate solutions and an unusual design
The special price for roofing solutions of the „Aluminium in Renovation Award 2009“ was given to the building complex of the University of Fine Arts in Dresden.
The National competitions are sponsored by the Aluminium For Future Generations programme (AFFG), in cooperation with the National Aluminium Trade Associations who are members of the European Aluminium Association (EAA)
The European contest is sponsored by the Building Group of the European Aluminium Association. The architectural awards were handed over by Isabelle Durant, Vice-President of the European Parliament in November 2009 in Brussels.

Why the jury chose this project:
The jury was impressed by the unusual design of the roofing including composite aluminium panels arranged on top of profiled aluminium sheeting. Besides innovative detailed solutions for the connections to the solar shading elements, the complex overall construction is characterized by a ventilation space that is extremely efficient in physical terms. From an aesthetic point of view, particular attention was given to a smooth integration of the roof glazing.

Brief facts:

  • Project:           
    Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden
  • Address:          
    Güntzstrasse 34, 01307 Dresden
  • Building Owner: 
    Freistaat Sachsen - Sächsisches Staatsministerium der Finanzen vertreten durch den
    Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement, NL Dresden II
  • Product:           
    ALUCOBOND® aluminium composite panels
  • Surface:           
    Silver metallic 500
  • Gross building area:   
    24.100 m²
  • Metal works:     
    Böhme Haustechnik, Boxdorf & Henke Dächer Fassaden, Dresden, Germany
  • Total roofing surface:    
    approx. 4.800 m²
  • Architects:
    CODE UNIQUE Architekten, Dresden, Germany
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