ALUCOBOND® design – unlimited design freedom to express your architectural style on the façade.

Individual design, tailored to your needs, can from now on be realized on the proven ALUCOBOND® panels. The ALUCOBOND® design collection gives a glimpse into of what is possible with this new and innovative product. This inspirational collection includes Art / Fashion, 3D Effect, Stone / Natura, Carbon, Concrete and Wood.

If requested the decor effect can also be visualized by a simulation of your building project. Individual decors accentuate indoor and outdoor applications such as façades, balconies, lobbies or entrance portals and act primarily through their 3D effect and the depth of colour. Combined with the extraordinary formability (e.g. folding, bending) of ALUCOBOND® unlimited possibilities arise to express your unique architectural style. The use of high quality paint systems guarantees a long-term durability.

Please contact us. We will be pleased to assist you in realizing your creative ideas for truly unique facades.

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