Bending ALUCOBOND® is possible with a bending press.

  • The minimum required radius is r = 10 x t (t = panel thickness)
  • The spring-back effect of ALUCOBOND® is larger than that of a solid aluminium sheet
  • The die edges should be rounded and smooth
  • To prevent damage caused to the panel surface, the protective foil must not be removed during bending
  • Additionally, the visible surface can be protected by using plastic pads of 1 - 2 mm thickness
  • Ideal die width: 2 x t + 2 x protective foil thickness + punch diameter + 15 mm
  • For serial production, please make tests on sample panels

Important: When bending ALUCOBOND® with an anodised surface, the bent area is brighter.


A = punch
B = protective foil
C = die
D = die width
r = radius