Country Country Test accord. to ... Classification
EUEN 13501-1Class A2, s1, d0 / non-combustible (ALUCORE® A2)
Class B, s1, d0 / flame-retardant (ALUCORE®)
Germany DIN 4102 Class B1 flame-retardant
Switzerland VKF fire protection regulationsClass 5.3 [VKF]
France NF F 16-101
NF P 92-501
Class F0
Class M1
Great Britain BS 476, Part 6
BS 476, Part 7
Index 0
Class 1
Meets the requirements according to Class 0 of the national building regulations
SingaporeApproved for external wall cladding for any types of buildings without limitation as to their height.
DS 1065.1 Class A