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Fire safety

The fire safety regulations for building envelopes can vary greatly from country to country. What they all share, however, is the goal of protecting people in the buildings.

In order to achieve this safety, the façade system design is particularly important: not only the individual building materials must be safe, but also the entire construction: wall/support, insulation, substructure, façade material, dimensioning, layout, fastening system, etc. - all components and parameters have an impact on a building's fire behaviour .

Our aluminium composite panels offer various solutions for fire-resistant construction in accordance with current guidelines for refurbishment purposes or in new builds . ALUCOBOND® façade material is tested according to EN 13501.1 "Reaction to fire". This tests the performance and safety of the product as if installed as a system.

For fire-resistant, rear-ventilated façades we recommend using ALUCOBOND® PLUS (EN class B-s1, d0) or ALUCOBOND® A2 (EN class A2-s1, d0) in combination with non-combustible mineral insulation. This combination displays no flame spread or critical temperature increase and even exceeds BR135 requirement criteria . This was was verified by four BS8414 large-scale fire tests carried out by the BRE at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017.

We also work with national authorities and at European level to improve fire safety for buildings.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive training concept for fire safety on façades. If you are interested, please contact us .

We are aware of the complex task facing architects and engineers when planning an entire façade system. Our experienced technicians are on hand and happy to provide advice and support.

Fire safety 3A Composites GmbH
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