Sustainability stories from 3A Composites: Harnessing the power of the sun

Détails de l'actualité 3A Composites GmbH

Climate change is a global problem which affects us all

This means it is also important for us as a company to reduce our energy consumption wherever possible or to use renewable energies and reduce greenhouse gases.

Détails de l'actualité 3A Composites GmbH

We have taken another step towards reducing our carbon footprint by installing 744 photovoltaic modules on the roof of our production site in Spain. Approximately 540,000 kWh are generated by the installation every year and used directly for the production of our transparent CRYLUX® acrylic sheets. This avoids the emission of 128 tons of CO2 every year, which is roughly equivalent to the annual emissions of 10 households!

The initial spark for the project came from the desire to have our own CO2-free energy source and from rising energy costs. Photovoltaic panels were an obvious solution, as our location in Montcada is in a region with many days of sunshine every year.

The solar energy system covers 24% of our electricity needs, and the rest also comes from renewable energy sources - in this case wind, water and solar energy.

Photovoltaic modules








Roof installation



Tonnes of CO2 can be avoided every year

Détails de l'actualité 3A Composites GmbH
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